Our Stallion

  Guaranteed Gold    

1998 – 16.1 hands – Cremello, Thoroughbred Stallion – Jockey Club Registered

Distingold (Gold Apollo)  X  Milkies Desire (Milkie)

  • Jockey Club Registered ( Palomino ) first DNA tested Cremello TB in the Registry
  • CSHA -Canadian Sport Horse Association – Bronze Premium Stallion
  • AQHA – American Quarter Horse Association
  • APHA – American Paint Horse Association
  • APhC – American Appaloosa HorseClub
  • RPSI – Rheinland Pfalz Saar International – stud book II  

Guaranteed Gold is being offeredto North American breeders as the finest cremello Thoroughbred Stallion standing at stud with a proven performance and progeny history!

Guaranteed Gold has proven himself in the show ring and now in the breeding shed. His  foals  consistently  inherit his brilliant wonderful temperament, classically correct confirmation, gorgeous heads and fabulous movement. They are now making there own mark in the performance ring and breeding sheds around the world. Producing simply stunning foals improving upon the next generationof  Guaranteed Gold offspring.

Guaranteed Gold successfully completed in the eventing discipline through training level.

He easily adapted to his training, showing and breeding duties in the same time frame. These are traits that he passes on to his offspring – the ability to “Multi – Task” and easily accept what ever job is asked of them .

Our Stallion “Guaranteed Gold,” DNA Genotype reads, eeAaCrCR

As a double dilute, cremello stallion will 100% produce the guarantee of dilute colors on your foal – either palomino, buckskin, smokey black, smokey cream, cremello, perlino and the possibility of gold cream champaign.  Guaranteed Gold is homozygous for the cream gene (Double dilute) with two copies of Cream gene and heterozygous for the agouti gene. Meaning he has one dose of the dominant “A” and one dose of the recessive non-agouti “a”. The black pigment is restricted to points pattern and is expressed on horses that are bay or a dilution of bay (buckskin, perlino, amber champagne, etc.). Guaranteed Gold is also homozygous for black pigment meaning there is no red factor detected which means he cannot have red foals regardless of the color of mate.