About us


About us

We are a small privately owned family farm, snuggled in along the North Fork of the Lewis River and located in the south western corner of Washington State.

We are a discerning Sport Horse breeder, producing top quality show and pleasure prospects with classic dilute color for the amateur and professional markets.

Breeding for temperament, confirmation and agility. Our goal is to raise elegant, sturdy sport horses that are level headed and athletic with unique dilute colors.

It is important to us to produce sane, user friendly horses. We teach our horses to be confident individuals able to socialize as a horse and live with people too.

We raise each foal and attend to each horse as a unique individual with hands on natural training in positive environment.


Hi there!
Quiet evening.
Pretty in bloom.
Let’s be friends.
Hey, mom “What’s on my face”?
Best Friends


Here we go!
Kissed by the sun.
Golden Girl
Afternoon drive.
Wheels go round.
handsome boy
Simply Elegant
Watchful eye.
Evening Stroll.


Two for one.
Simply gorgeous.
Summer evening.
Fresh hay.
Lady long legs.
Remember when?